OPEN Launch

Launching progressive and inclusive faith communities.

OPEN Launch

Launching progressive and inclusive faith communities.

In January of 2017 a group of people affiliated with the OPEN Network got together in Denver, Colorado to create the charter for a new national church planting ministry.

Why would we do that?

Because we believe giving birth is easier than raising the dead, and because we want to give birth to communities of ridiculous love.

How will we do that?

By identifying, empowering, and encouraging church planters who will start new, open and affirming, progressive, evangelical churches in the largest cities in America.

What services will we provide?

  1. Church planter assessment
  2. Retreats for potential church planters
  3. Retreats for current church planters
  4. Church planting resources: budgeting, branding, marketing, fundraising guidance, church leadership council development, coaching, mentoring, psychotherapy, corporate setup assistance, staffing and hiring assistance


We will join with Highlands Church and other churches in Denver to plant a new church in Boulder County, Colorado in 2018.

We will conduct our first church planter's retreat in early 2018.

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